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There is no sinner that can outmatch this one's level of passion. An avid aficionada of all things Fixer, she adorns herself with a variety of Fixer-related merchandise. They won't affect her performance in combat one way or another, so there is no need for you to restrict her from keeping her decorations. She is deeply immersed in the role of a righteous Fixer, hence the exaggerated mannerisms akin to those of an actor. (Has such a thing ever existed, really?) It's advised to play along with her for a smooth mission.

“¡Por alcanzar la estrella inalcanzable!”
"To reach the unreachable star!" [1]

Don Quixote (Hangul: 돈키호테, Don Kihote) is designated Sinner #3 of Limbus Company's LCB department.

Don Quixote is a rambunctious and steadfast woman with a strong sense of justice. She wants nothing more than to be affiliated with the Fixers she idolizes so heavily, having earned her own Fixer Identification Number prior to joining Limbus Company.

She will be the focus character of Canto VII: The Dream Ending.


Don Quixote is a short young woman with blonde hair styled in a bob cut and deep, round hazel eyes. She wears the Limbus Company uniform: a plain white shirt tucked under a black waist belt, a red tie, black slacks, worn brown running shoes, and a long black coat. Her upper body is thoroughly decorated with various Fixer merchandise.

Her clothes appear rugged and worn-out, much like Don Quixote's horse, Rocinante, which was a scrawny old work horse that was embarked on an adventure far beyond his capabilities.


Don Quixote is a naive person, with a childish view of how the world works. She consistently talks in an animated, exaggerated manner and jumps into any situation with enthusiasm, regardless of the death or suffering involved. She notably speaks exclusively in Middle English, seemingly in an attempt to take on a more "knightly" persona.

Don Quixote has an intense sense of justice and desire to protect the weak, as she violated a Taboo in front of K Corp personnel after they forcibly separated a child from his parent and beat a gang member for threatening a pawn shop owner.

Don Quixote is extremely impulsive and has a propensity for violence, remorselessly impaling Ryōshū straight through her head in retaliation for killing Ishmael and Heathcliff during an argument. This tendency was shown again in Canto III when she pummeled Sinclair hard enough to splatter blood all over herself, in an attempt to return him to his senses. This impulsivity mixed with her insatiable thirst for justice makes it difficult for her to follow orders and often results her endangering her fellow Sinners and disrupting plans, much to their or Vergilius' anger. She, however, appears to avoid this fact whenever possible.[1]

Don Quixote has an affinity for anything Fixer related. She idolizes some of the most famous Fixers, such as the Grass Maiden, Siegfried, and the Red Gaze, though she has an obvious admiration for all of them, as shown in her interactions with the Molar Office Fixers and Nelly. She prides herself on her collection of Fixer merchandise, and knows a large variety of information about Fixers and Associations in general.[2]


Don Quixote wields a massive lance named "SUEÑO IMPOSIBLE" that towers over her, indicating that she is much, much stronger than she initially appears to be. This fact is further supported by her dexterity with such a massive weapon and her effortless ability to pierce a human skull with it at such a short distance.


Currently, Don Quixote's origins are unknown. However, the events surrounding her recruitment appear to be distressing, as she fearfully froze up when Vergilius mentioned them. Don Quixote also recognizes Moses' name, although she is unable to recall how or why she knows it, implying a possible connection between her and the Distortion Detective.


  • Don Quixote is represented by the 🎠 emoji[3].
  • Like all of the Sinners, Don Quixote voiced a "Document Excerpt" Youtube short.
  • The text on her lance reads "Sueño Imposible", which means "Impossible dream" in Spanish.
    • Its writing during battle changes to "Soñar lo Imposible", meaning "Dreaming the Impossible".
    • "Impossible Dream" is a reference to the song in the musical, "Man of La Mancha."
    • Her intro quote is also a reference to a line in the "The Impossible Dream" song.
    • SUEÑO IMPOSIBLE is estimated to be 2.5 m / 8'2 ft long.
  • Don Quixote's running shoes read "Rocinante", referencing the name of her literary counterpart's horse.
  • One of her pins (specifically the one at waist level on her jacket) is the symbol of the Purple Tear.
  • Don Quixote is one of two Sinners to have a Fixer Identification Number (FID), the other being Ishmael.
  • She has 863 dreams, one of which was to sail the Great Lake in U Corp's district. This was fulfilled in Canto V.

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